Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Working Parents Tips and Skills

Does juggling a full time career and parenthood, sometimes become exhausting? Are you looking for outstanding ways to stay connected to your children? Can you apply some of the skills that have made you a successful businessperson, into your life as a parent? Yes. It’s simple and it is not time consuming, which is usually the biggest problem for working parents.

Parenthood First

Your children come first, no matter what that is the decision that you made when you had a child. You should not neglect yourself or your job, but you should never neglect your children. Yes, your job provides you with the ability to provide for your children, so you should take a great amount of pride in what you do. Let your children know that they always come first. You can openly talk about why you like your job, but that you miss them, and that you will come home in as much time as it will take them to watch...and provide them with the correct time. Also talk to them about their days, and about who will be taking care of them while you are at work.

Apply Your Management Skills To Being A Parent

Put just as much effort into being a great parent as you would in receiving a bonus. If you go out of town for your job overnight, you can call and read your child a book over the phone. If it is ongoing, you can pick up from the last chapter and go from there. Be in constant contact when you are away. Phone them, leave them voicemails for when they get home. Have them call you at work. Tape love messages on a tape recorder. You can fax messages and postcards, and let them fax you back.

Special Events

When planning special events with your children, you can set up a play meeting. So that your child understands what you do at work, you can set up a birthday planning meeting, equipped with all the trimmings. Have your child set up each part of the party. Make work fun! Let your child pick out every part of the menu. Collaborate on what cupcakes you will have. You can then pretend to work as chefs who are catering a major event. Just make it fun, you might find that it reflects positively on your other work career.

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