Monday, April 7, 2014

There Is No Handbook

It is true that outstanding parenting skills seem sometimes out of reach. How are you supposed to know how to be a good parent? Especially if you’ve never done it before. It can be easier than you think. If you combine ideals such as respect, communication and love having great parenting skills might just be a snap.

Teach your children the difference between right and wrong. Teach them that respect is something that is earned, and is also something they should show to their parents. Respect and a sense of loyalty are great things to instill into your child’s mind, particularly when it comes to family.

2.Set Guidelines
No matter what it is you are trying to teach your children, guidelines should be set as to what is expected and what is not. You can be teaching them to potty train, how to ride a bike, what chores will be taken care of, or a bedtime, it doesn’t’ matter, but rules should be made and stuck to.

3.Be Consistent
If  you only threaten discipline such as a timeout or a toy, or movie being taken away for bad behavior, your children will not listen. If they know they can work you, by pushing you to the brink and simply saying sorry, without consequences, bad behavior will not change. Do  not let your child question you, at any age. You are the parent and you do not have to answer to inquire minds of children.

Let go of some things. Is it really going to be that drastic if your little girl stays up an extra hour. Will the world crumble if she eats a chocolate chip cookie and washes it down with a soda? It won’t. So let them be kids, they only get to be carefree and children once.

Parents often forget this. Your children will know that you love them if you are willing to play with them. Take them on bike rides, play Barbies, go outside and play catch. Race them in a swimming pool or squirt them with a squirt gun. If they want to draw a picture for you love it, and maybe even try coloring with them. They will remember that their mom and dad put effort into great parenting skills, didn’t lie to them, and loved them with all their heart. Even if there is no handbook.

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