Friday, April 25, 2014

The Ways of Active Parenting

Most parents desire to become good parents because they know how active parenting imparts positive influences on children. The top reason why parents want to become good parents is to help children grow into adults who can impart positive changes in the future society.

Active parenting takes on many forms and can employ different methods. Parents also need to realize that learning is not solely for children. Instead, finding means to foster relationships is a two-way process. Your children learn from you just as you need to acquire better parenting knowledge by taking parenting classes or seeking help from counselors or social worker.

In active parenting classes, you learn to promote communication with your children to help them pinpoint and develop their strengths, as well as giving a genuine sense of responsibility. In active parenting classes, you will learn discipline methods that help eliminate sibling rivalries and power struggles among children. The ultimate goal of active parenting is to raise responsible and cooperative children who feel good about themselves, and have high self-esteem.

Active parenting may also manifest by showing genuine interest in your child's activities within the home and in school. Such could be achieved by attending school PTO meetings, in which parents find out about their child's activities, performance, and behavior in school. It is also an essential venue to consult with teachers and about your child. By showing interest in their lives, you're giving your child the assurance that he/she is important to you, and that he/she is loved.

Family outings, likewise, are great opportunities to bond and learn with your child. You can take your child to a trip to a museum or national park where there are tons of things to discover together. Your children will appreciate the time you spend with them, and it also helps build relationships in an entertaining and educational way. Before going on a trip, though, the decision on where to go or what to do should come from both parent and child.

Children might exhibit behaviors that you find are unacceptable. Talking to friends and relatives can be a good idea, but the best person to consult and who can provide answers to your concerns is your child's pediatrician. Make sure to list down all your questions before the next visit so you will not forget them. Your child's pediatrician will be more than glad to address any issues you may have with your child.

Active parenting takes some real effort and the rewards may be delayed, but witnessing your difficult child morph into a responsible and cooperative individual is a lifetime's success.

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