Friday, April 25, 2014

The 4 A’s of Good Parenting

Parenting is a full-time responsibility of raising a child from birth up until they have reached adulthood. There is no perfect parenting although there is ideal and good parenting. Good parenting is all about relationship, the better your relationship with your child is, the better your chances are in becoming an effective parent.


Being around your child every time he needs you give them thoughts that they are important because they really are. You should dedicate a reasonable amount of time with your child. It is not enough that you are at home all day and think that you are doing well as a parent. When I mention about time, I mean quality time. Bond with your children, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend money. You can just watch his favorite TV show together or perhaps watch him as he play his video game. Because what you may not know is that your time spells L-O-V-E for children.


Appreciation is the most powerful drive towards a good behavior. If a child does well, express overwhelming appreciation right away because when we appreciate them, it gives them a sense of worth. Show appreciation even in the simplest things they do. If you ask them to get something, immediately say thank you with a smile and let them feel that they have been a great help. Just like you, your child find ways to impress you that’s why it would be best be pleased about it. The more we appreciate their good deeds, the more motivated they will become in behaving better.


All of us wants to be loved, especially children. They continually find ways for them to be lovable. They are thirsty for your affection that’s why they find ways to catch your attention. You must always remember that love is the foundation of a lasting relationship. So, if you are nuts about good parenting, start by showing oodles of affection because if they don’t get it from you, they will find love somewhere else.


Showing unconditional acceptance provides your child a sense of belonging and security. Accept and be grateful for who he is. You are his parent, his own flesh and blood. If you can’t accept him the way he is, nobody else will.

Good parenting can never be learned anywhere. It is within you. Although books and numerous resources are readily available, but always remember that they are not made to alter your actions as a parent. They only serve as guidelines. Good parenting still lies in your hands.

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