Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Safety Parenting Skills

The most important way to have impeccable parenting skills, is to make sure the environment you live in is safe. No matter what your beliefs are you cannot “home proof a child” you can only child proof a home.

1.Put Away Toxic Chemicals
All toxic chemicals need to be put away, every kind you can think of bleach, detergent, shampoo, cleaning products, everything. They should be put out of reach and locked up, or all of your cabinets can be baby-proofed by purchasing safety clasps and childproof locks that fit on the outer or inner door. Do not use rubber bands; smart babies can pull them off.

2.Cover Outlets
Electrical Outlets need to be plugged by buying plastic plugs that fit into the outlets and cannot be pulled out. Make sure you have your eyes on baby at all times, because they can move fast and pull out a lamp and stick their usual wet fingers, from their mouth, into the outlets.

3.Various Protection
Window locks, corner protectors, smoke alarms, and stair gates all need to be purchased or borrowed, and need to be used. Also purchase a wire that neatly packages the cables from the TV and DVD. Move up precious things out of baby’s reach instead of constantly telling them not to touch. Washable covers for car seats, strollers, and shopping carts are also a good investment.

It does not matter if you think a child will not be able to make it outside, it only takes a quick second for a baby to fall into a pool. Put up a pool gate and make sure it is locked. Also place out of reach alarms and locks onto doors, so as the child grows, he cannot reach the door and open it.

5.Be Cautious
Even if the products say 100 percent eco-friendly organic, keep them out of the baby’s reach, at all times. It is better to air on the side of caution and if the baby happened to get into something that seemed all natural it can still harm him. Besides, you are not sure if the baby might be allergic to one of those natural products. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry. So, just do it in advance and be very safe when it comes to the safety of a little one.

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