Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby parenting: love, nurturing, and educating

Motherhood is a totally different experience than we you were single and carefree. Many women take a major curve in lifestyle after childbirth and may sometimes feel inadequate in terms of baby parenting. Baby parenting can be a challenge especially for new mothers who are still coping with the postpartum changes in her body and taking café of the baby.

You can take baby parenting seriously but don't put so much pressure on yourself. Babies will need a lot of your attention, first, because they are still unable to feed, clean, or dress themselves, and that mothers (or guardians) are instrumental so babies will develop on the right tract. This means stimulating your baby in order for him/her to reach his developmental milestones in the areas of cognitive, social, physical, and language.

Unlike parenting older children, baby parenting is physically challenging for many new parents. Broken sleeps are normal since babies up to the 12th month wake up about once or twice in the middle of the night for their feedings.

It is important for you to learn about the monthly development of your baby to know if he/she is on track of normal development. Baby parenting is also emotionally challenging, entertaining, and sometimes frustrating. What is more exciting than seeing your baby roll over for the first time (which babies typically handle by the third or fourth month), take his/her first step, or say his first word? Simultaneously, it can be frustrating to soothe a fussy baby.

From 0 to 6 months, baby parenting may be focused on doing age-appropriate activities that is both entertaining and educational for your baby. You can stimulate your baby's cognitive development by placing images (showing the contrast of the colors black, white, and red) in strategic locations where your baby can easily see them. Studies show that babies within this age range are not able to discern the complex colors of the spectrum, and therefore, only see these three colors. You'll be delighted to see that your baby will actually focus their eyes on these images. Eventually, you're helping expand their attention span. Moreover, it is important to read aloud to your baby 20 minutes every day.

Baby parenting means giving babies the assurance of protection and nurturing, and making sure they develop to their fullest potential. Studies show that babies who felt loved had a higher level of self-esteem, social skills, and intellectual competence. Babies are bundles of joy, and part of your responsibility as parent is to give your baby a safe place to live, proper care, and unconditional love.

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