Friday, April 4, 2014

Asian Students Success For Your Childrens Education

Did you know that although Asian Americans make up only 4 percent of the United States population, they make up a very high percentage of students in the best universities and top colleges in the nation? How is that? Would you like to know how to instill the principles that these students take with them to continue their education into your own children?

At Ivy League colleges the number of Asian Americans are incredible. 23 percent of the student body is made up of Asian Americans at University of Pennsylvania; 25 percent at Columbia and Cornell; 15 percent at Brown University; 18 percent at Harvard. Finally, an amazing 24 percent of students are Asian at Stanford and 42 percent at the University of California Berkeley. The average median income for Asians in the U.S. is 10,000 dollars more than the rest of the population. Why wouldn’t you want to model your children after a group of students that so clearly excel?

So how do you incorporate your own parenting skills and tips into seeing your children achieve success. The first thing you can do is: being a role model. If you enjoy your job and loved receiving your education, that great attitude will reflect onto your children. If you did not receive a higher education, truly encourage your children to the benefits of continuing their own education, and not only in college. One should continuously be learning it should be a life-long process. Also instill family pride and loyalty and let your children know that their success reflects upon the family, and in turn the family will be proud of them.

Set goals and stick with them. Make the learning process fun, not something that they dread. Continue a love of learning through after school activities, that don’t seem boring in any way. Evaluate your child and see where they excel and what they are passionate about. Teach your child them academic success should be valued, for in the end after looks fade, and so-called friends leave, the only thing one really has is love and knowledge, so encourage both. Promote competition and reward successes. Instill in your children’s mind that even though this country has turned to rewarding people with handouts, America is the land of opportunity, where anything can be achieved.

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