Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 Tips On Understanding How Toddlers Work

Toddlers can be a ton of fun, and a lot of work. It is easier to deal with toddlers, if you understand how they work.

1. Patience Is Not A Virtue
You may not know how to be patient with a toddler, and they feel the same for you. The difference is, they are two. You are not. They are still learning. It is hard for him to control himself, and they have no fear. Therefore, jumping off couches and tables, just seems like a lot of fun.

2. His Memory Isn’t That Great
He can’t really speak in full sentences, he certainly can’t read, therefore you have to repeat yourself to make him hear you. Do not yell either. That only teaches the child that it is okay to yell and be yelled.

3. He Wants It Now
He’s still a baby and babies whine. When he sees something, he wants, it and he goes after it. He doesn’t matter if he has to throw a fit or fling a toy. And if doing either of those things merits a rewards, naturally he thinks that’s how you get things.

4. Impulse
If he wants to run into the street for the ball, he is not aware of the dangers, no matter how many times you tell him, because he is still a toddler. That is why you have to watch toddlers like hawks!

5. Choices Are Bad
He does not understand choices that is why you don’t give him any. He does not know what either is. You cannot reason with him. He constantly contradicts himself, because he isn’t quite sure what he wants. Taking away a toy and sharing makes him think it is gone forever, that is why you have to distract him and give him another toy.

He wants your love more than anything, all the time, for more hours than there are in the day. Because this is not possible, you need to know how to adjust to nurture him and make things easier for you. It might take time, but having a better understanding of how a toddler’s mind works might make it easier for you when he has a meltdown. The best thing to do, is to stay calm and assess the situation. You will be able to get through it and see his little smiling face.

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