Friday, March 7, 2014

Storytelling Parenting Tips

One of the greatest things a parent can do is encourage their children to be creative. One of the best ways children can learn to be creative is through books and storytelling.

Luckily, there are some great fairy tales, cartoons, and movies that have already introduced your children to storytelling; so that part has been done for you. If you happen to have a nanny or a babysitter who takes care of your children while you are working, you can pass these storytelling tips onto them as well. It is great though to improve your own parenting skills through teaching your children about storytelling.

Pick the Story
Depending on if your child or children are boys or girls, and what age they are, affects what stories you might want to tell. Always choose a story that can easily be filled with tales of dragons or princes and princes, or even ghosts and goblins. You can easily start out with simple lines from certain children’s books or well-known fairy tales and tell your children they have to make the line funny. That is s a great way to start.

Make Them A Part of the Story
This is where your parenting skills really come into play. During Halloween you can easily have your children tell ghost stories, without the scare. No matter what age the child is, or how tough they seem to be, scary horror stories frighten children. This doesn’t mean they can’t create their own unique Halloween story.

Create Characters
You can start with a line such as “The old green witch sat stirring her boiling concoction, a bat perched on her left shoulder stored out at the beautiful young princess. The witch said to the young woman I will turn you into a cat now!” You can even switch it up and make the princess the bad person, and the other a powerful little good witch. Then have your children weave ideas into the story. Children can create their own story, or the story can go from child to child, with every one adding a new part to the story. Encourage everyone involved to keep violence out and humor in. Let them know the purpose of this is fun. They can dance and even use props for their part of the story. It is a great way to improve your parenting skills while fine-tuning your children’s imagination.

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