Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Parenting Skills and Your Marriage

Why is it that when some people have children, their marriage suddenly sits on the back burner? This does not have to be the case at all. You can still have incredible parenting skills and a great marriage too. In fact, the two might help each other out.

Do Not Neglect Your Spouse

You have this new little tiny bundle of joy now. Whether he is your first, fourth, or your partner has a child from a previous relationship doesn’t matter, your marriage still needs to be a top priority. You can continue to show love to your children have a career and have a marriage.


Put the effort into your spouse that you did when you first starting dating. That passion does not need to die. If you are the husband you probably pursued your now wife. You bought her flowers and wondered if this amazing woman could actually marry you. Score: she did and now you have a child together. Continue to show her that you desire her and want her as much as you did before, if not more now that you created a life.


You might have liked the chase, or maybe you loved being chased. When you and your husband first started dating you wanted to keep his eyes on you. Don’t think that just because you’ve got him, you shouldn’t still want to keep him. At times when you might feel tired because of all of the parenting skills efforts, still apply makeup, and wear attractive clothing that makes you feel good and keeps your husband’s attention. Surprise him with a romantic date night filled with sexy lingerie. Have the conversations you had before about what you both want out of your lives.

Great Marriage Result

When you have a great marriage, where both people still feel wanted and attractive, your children will see that real love. Not only will they appreciate the effort your put into being better parents, they will also have a real example of a kind of love they can strive to find. You will notice that through a happy marriage, your parenting skills improve. You will be more relaxed, excited, and enjoyable for your children to be around. Do not think your children must always be first. They are wonderful, but so is the person you’re married to. Make your marriage come first and your parenting skills will improve.

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