Monday, March 17, 2014

Mothers Stop Competing With Your Daughters

When did this change come about where women in their forties pride themselves on being able to fit into their teenage daughter’s clothes? Why did they actually start wearing them out in public? There is horrible phenomenon that seems to be wreaking havoc on certain teenage girls. Their mothers are competing with them non-stop.

In a culture where we are obsessed with youth and beauty, it is scary to see the drastic measures that women are going to retain their youth. The problem with many of these women, is they don’t seem to recognize that although they may look fabulous in their forties, there are not seventeen anymore.

Some mothers seem to compete with their teenage daughters to the point that it rips apart the girls’ self-esteem and provides them with no positive role models. Good parenting skills are recognized as knowing when to step back and what is right for your children. Mothers accompany their daughters to gyms and when their seventeen year old takes a break from working out to get a smoothie, her mother jumps all over her telling her she will get fat. Yes, this actually happens. The girls are so young and still reveling in their newfound bodies, which they don’t know what to take from that. They think they are indeed fat at a size 2 and develop eating disorders.

If a young woman doesn’t have her mother to look up to, she can’t exactly turn to celebrities as role models who smoke cigarettes, and abuse cocaine and enter rehab to maintain their slim figures. Worst of all its praised. These mothers need to step back, stop being selfish and realize what they are doing. They might find this youth obsessed, bad attitude, and rude woman thing pretty. But wake up, its not. You can still be attractive and sexy, but stop trying to wear the little mini dresses that should be left to twenty year olds. Commit more time to your family, than your social engagements. Work on being a better parent. Take your daughter out to lunch and discuss what might be going on in her life. Offer to listen and give advice that is your number one job as a parent. She might actually need her mom for some great parenting tips. Grow up: she’s the daughter, you’re the mother, so act like it.

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