Friday, March 14, 2014

How To Be A Good Parent At A Young Age

Did you get pregnant and it was unplanned? Are you a young couple who wanted children young? It may be more difficult to be a parent at a young age than anything else.

If you are young and have a child or multiple children it may feel like many people do not understand what you are going through. Yes, it was more than likely your choice to have sex, but it was also your choice to have the baby. Do not let other people make you feel bad for choosing to have a child. It does not matter what the situation was before, the fact is, you are a parent now, and you probably want to know how it is you go about gaining parenting skills or just need parenting tips.

Ask For Help
There is no shame in admitting you have no idea what you are doing. Ask your parents or an older sibling or relative for their advice. You are going to need to know the basics. You can invest your time in learning everything you can about becoming a great parent. Read books, search for articles on the internet. Look up organizations and mother or father groups where you can talk with other parents.

Love That Baby
Raise your baby well. Instill in them the values that you want them to have. If you are raising this baby with a partner, lean on them and discuss how you want to raise the child. Write down things you would like for your baby to know. Write down your hopes and dreams for that little one, and always put her first.

Adjust To Your New Life
Your number one priority now should be your baby. This does not mean that all of your dreams and goals need to go away now. Realistically, it may mean you reach your goals in a different time frame, but you should continue to follow your dreams. You can still continue your education. If your parents are helping you, appreciate them, you are luckier than some. Understand that while your friends might go out on the weekends, you’re probably going to want to spend time with that little baby. If you need a babysitter or nanny make sure you really know them. Make time for your partner, family and friends.

Remember, we can avoid punitive and coercive control by using positive reinforcement!

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