Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Simple Great Parenting Tips

Sometimes simplicity is the best option for parents. Pass on the knowledge that you really want your children to be proud that they learned from you. Encourage them to do simple things that really matter.

1. Friends
It is amazing to watch children and see how open they are to meeting new friends. Isn’t it strange that this characteristic fades over time? Children don’t look for friends that they can use, talk badly about, or do anything other than have fun with. Encourage your child, especially in kindergarten to meet new friends. Maybe it means going up to the little boy that no one every really plays with and asking if he would like to play.

2. Smile
Let your children know that a smile can get them anywhere in life. Make sure they know it should be a genuine one, as people, even little children can see through phoniness, sometimes better than adults. A smile to another shy child, might just make their day.

3. Play
As they get older, many parents become more rigid in wanting their children to stop running, be quieter, and stop playing. That should be the one thing we are always told to do. Imagine if your job was as fun, as you used to think coloring was a child? Coloring was fun, and it was simple. Children can even make fun, out of something that would never seen fun: cardboard box. Perhaps a great parenting skill is understanding how the child’s mind works and incorporating some of this simplistic fun in your own life.

4. Try New Things
Improve your parenting skills by trying new things, and let your children know they should do the same. Have them try football, the flute, and tennis, painting and dancing. This way your children will be able to come to understand what they enjoy, and what they are good at.

5. Teach Them To Love Learning
The mind is such a fantastic thing, and children should love learning everything they can. Learning how to read can be an incredible new adventure to children. Have them accompany you to the library where they can check out the books of their choice. Go to museums, and other educational things and make it fun for your child. Don’t just do it when they are children either. Teach them to continue to love learning as the grow up.

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